White Paper | Best Merger Communications 2022

Maximizing the Value of the Transaction a sneak peek into our 2022 Bank Merger Communications Guide As we head into 2022, the banking consolidation world is facing a number of challenges. Many are no different from those that boards and bank leaders face daily, such as sustainable growth strategies in a changing rate and competitive environment, the recent impact of […]

Podcast | Data Driving M&A

Data Jam Session – Mergers and Acquisitions Driving M&A Decisions Through Data Intelligence Hosted by Segmint MODERATOR: Kent Blackshear, VP of Business Development, Segmint FEATURED GUESTS: Adam Craig, President, Segmint; Rick Hall, Managing Director of Banking and Financial Services, Bank Merger Marketing by BKM Marketing Data Driving M&A Podcast Transcript Thursday, January 27, 2022 | Full Length = 40:15 minutes […]

A Combination of Communication Channels is Key During a Bank Merger

Why a Mix of Digital and Traditional Communication is Key to Customer Retention During a Bank Merger When a bank merger happens, it’s not just two financial institutions that are joining together — it’s two sets of customers. Understandably, the customers of acquired banks can feel a lot of uncertainty about the future of their financial services, and these doubts […]

3 Ways To Continue Adjusting Your Bank Communications Going Into 2022

Rick Hall, Managing Director of Banking and Financial Services Practice recently published an instrumental article on ValueWalk highlighting the essential adjustments in planning bank marketing communications in 2022. 3 Ways To Continue Adjusting Your Bank Communications Going Into 2022 Banking processes were turned upside down with COVID-19. Most notably, the shift to digitalization accelerated exponentially. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is that […]

Four Critical Areas to Understand before your Bank’s Merger

While bank merger activity declined by 60%1 in 2020, as compared to 2019, due to several factors including a global pandemic, the banking industry is experiencing a reversing trend in 2021 as bank merger and acquisition activity picks back up.   Key factors when planning a successful merger. Primary drivers of mergers tend to revolve around scale, efficiency, and competition […]

Redefining How to Make Your Bank Merger Succeed

Download Ebook: Bank Merger Communications – Excelling Through Change The US banking industry has seen a relatively consistent consolidation rate of 5% over recent years. Prior to the pandemic hitting the industry beginning in March, analysts were touting positive financial indicators that this year could produce an even greater rate and size of merger combinations. Obviously, things have changed dramatically […]

Bank Mergers | Key activities to make the M&A deal successful.

One of the areas that we noted in our annual outlook in January was the fact that all signs were pointing to an anticipated increase in the number of bank mergers in 2016. While most of the deals announced to date have been relatively small due to increased regulatory scrutiny on readiness in larger institutions, there does seem to be a growing […]

Why aren’t acquired customers considered NEW?

Directing a bank merger is a tremendous undertaking. Between consolidating systems, reviewing brand implications, evaluating locations, assessing operational impact and reassuring employees, there are countless decisions to make every day.  With executives focusing so much energy on operational details, existing customers are often overlooked. The mom, dad, business owner, student, not for profit group…all are people who chose to bank […]

How can you reduce customer attrition in your upcoming bank merger?

The most critical factor and thus the most important part of a bank merger is reducing customer attrition – making sure the value of the merger doesn’t walk out the door. Literally, preventing customers from leaving the bank you just acquired is by far the most important thought on everyone’s mind involved in leading a bank merger. Customers will react in funny […]

9 Critical Steps for Leading a Successful Bank Merger

What are the critical steps for leading a successful bank merger? Few business challenges require more forethought than merging two financial institutions. Between consolidating systems, reviewing brand implications, evaluating locations, assessing operational impact, reassuring employees and the hundreds of other details that can arise, it’s no wonder that research reveals 11% of customers attrite in the first month following a […]