M&A Resources at the Ready.

Bank Merger Marketing program leaders think about mergers 24/365.  Here’s how they help you.

  • Assess Your Success

    Every merger is unique. Every merger has common success factors.

  • M&A Employee Communications

    Once a M&A is announced, acquired employees become the ambassadors that secure post-merger customer retention. They need real-time information. Fast.

  • M&A Customer Communications

    Every dollar of acquired value has a depositor, borrower, or service fee-payer that can decide to leave — or stay.

  • Data Consolidation + Integration

    Acquired customers expect you to know and value their entire relationship. You need a M&A data integration team experienced with every major core platform to make that happen.

  • Creative with One Purpose

    First impressions count. Your digital, regulatory, mail, PR, and M&A conversion materials must strike a delicate balance between informing and inspiring.

  • On-time Production

    Legal mail dates don’t change. Our unparalleled network of battle-tested printers, mail shops, and developers ensures effective, on-brand pre- and post-merger communications are ready on time.

  • M&A Sales Training Materials

    Acquired clients don’t care if your team has new products or a new system. You have to care.  

  • Success Measurement

    Nearly every merger announcement uses the phrase “accretive to shareholders.”  We help make that happen.

They were proactive and insightful, guiding us along the way. There were many moving parts that they kept track of without letting anything fall through the cracks. They were on top of the schedule. We communicated through routine weekly status calls, email, and tracking progress through spreadsheets.

— Jason Bacharach, Chief Marketing Officer
Investors Bank

The BKM team is phenomenal. When you are a community bank, you wear a lot of hats and working with a team that understands that and is comfortable helping you manage such large, complex projects on a tight timeline is invaluable.

— Shelly Loftin, (Former) Chief Marketing Officer
Bear State Financial