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An updated look at four key audiences to consider during a merger and how the issues are changing how banks must manage messaging during these periods and measure success.

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Mergers continue to be a key growth strategy for the U.S. banking segment and are becoming more complex to communicate effectively to clients, employees and the broader market. The key elements to address when establishing a communications strategy are not always identified through due diligence processes and often yield an incomplete picture of what is being acquired. However, they must be identified at or immediately following announcement of the deal or banks run the risk of falling behind in managing the narrative.

Knowing the right questions to ask, regardless of the answer status can save significant time and money for the teams charged with ensuring the transition is as smooth as possible. We know that historically merger communications have been viewed as a way to meet regulatory requirements – which while still true, has become much more significant to client retention and growth post-conversion due to how consumers and businesses consume important and much needed information.

Bank Merger Marketing Communications Maximizing Value 2022

Bank Merger Communications – Maximizing the Value of Transaction explores these topics and more to enable acquiring banks to proactively communicate key aspects at the appropriate time and to the appropriate audience. Based on findings from merger communications programs that have evolved over the past two decades, Bank Merger Marketing has synthesized these into a series of actions that bank merger teams at all levels, need to understand.

Areas such as audience identification through fact-based data, channel management objectives, measuring the success of your communication efforts and the importance of understanding and valuing change are included in the eBook. Moving beyond the standard marketing/regulatory notifications and tailoring them to the acquired audience is the difference between an average performing detail and an outperforming deal.

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Sneak Peak | Inside the Maximizing Value White Paper

Welcome to Bank Merger Communications

As we head into 2022, the banking consolidation world is facing a number of challenges. Many are no different from those that boards and bank leaders face daily, such as sustainable growth strategies in a changing rate and competitive environment, the recent impact of the pandemic on attracting and retaining talent, and the need for strategic approaches for environmental, social and corporate governance.

These burgeoning issues that banks face are also part of the reality in exploring the possibility of growing through acquisitions. Add in the emerging importance of examining corporate culture synergies (or lack thereof), retention and growth from acquired businesses, and the increasing importance for bank boards and management teams to clearly understand what the underlying data created by a combination means and you have a daunting set of execution requirements.

As we have stated before, the fact is that most banks don’t and won’t dedicate additional resources to this one-time project. Communication and transition activities just get added to the daily activities of existing marketing, business-line and operational staff. Include the fact that each merger contains different success factors and it is no wonder the change presented by mergers requires overcoming real challenges.

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Bank Merger Marketing is a merger communications specialty practice within BKM Marketing Associates. Started to provide banks and credit unions under $50 billion in assets with in-depth support developing customized communications throughout the merger lifecycle, the BMM team brings clients expertise developed over two decades. To learn more, visit Bank Merger Marketing Communications or directly contact Rick Hall, Managing Director, Banking and Financial Services at

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