Whether growth comes in the form of new customers or members, balances and loan outstandings per household or business or core relationship profitability – financial institution marketers need to maintain a rigid focus on ways to effectively deliver bottom line growth.

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Just because a firm is able to do “data processing” does not mean they are a good fit for a complex data consolidation that is required for merger communications. Conduct rigorous analysis to create highly effective data consolidation services.

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product mapping

This step is the most critical merger success factor.  It’s essential to onboard new customers into the correct products, identify pricing gaps, and forecast future portfolio profitability.

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Data Jam Session – Mergers and Acquisitions’ Podcast hosted by Kent Blackshear and featuring BMM’s Rick Hall and Segmint’s Adam Craig as they delve into the future of data intelligence driving M&A decision-making .

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Vendor Management Ready

As you would expect, Bank Merger Marketing employs stringent data security practices which are audited annually by The Moore Group, a well-respected SOC auditing firm.  Bank mergers happen on tight timelines, which is why we have vendor management documentation well-organized and ready for review upon request.