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Thorough data consolidation and integration during merger communications dramatically enhances the M&A customer experience.  How?  It allows for greater personalization and minimizes the number of duplicate mailings your newly acquired customers receive. 

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Bank Merger Marketing M&A Data Consolidation Services Include:

  • Reviewing test files from all systems of record, not just the core banking system

  • Conducting field checks and count verifications to ensure all products and accounts are verified

  • Producing consolidated file reports to audit the consolidation and integration process

  • Determining the go-forward processes for new customer file processing before conversion
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Don’t underestimate the inherent challenges often found in acquired bank customer data.

Most financial institutions think of merger data and integration in the context of the core conversion process alone.  Simply leveraging raw data extracted from the selling bank’s core provider has numerous shortcomings. To start, it is not enough of an audit process for effectively establishing these relationships under your brand.

In addition, pre-conversion data analysis reveals valuable insights – from product concentration to geographic and demographic alignment with your pre-merger customer base. Identifying these strategic information that are not uncovered during due diligence can be very enlightening earlier in the game – and beneficial to a successful conversion.