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MERGER CUSTOMER COMMUNICATIONS: Address the educational, emotional and financial needs of your new customers and members.

There are a number of assumptions related to what a financial institution’s clients need to know with regards to a merger, but the reality is that each acquired bank has established a series of long-tenured and potentially complex relationships with clients over time. It would be unwise to ignore this fact in the course of building communications with them. Ultimately, that is one of the core values for why you want to merge with them. Bank leaders need to pay close attention to merger customer communications with customers of the acquired bank.

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Build New Customer Loyalty

While bank merger and acquisition activity has fluctuated over the past few years, many industry observers now see the potential for different types of deals due to the changing sentiment of bank leaders and boards. Whether their financial institution is entering attractive new markets, adding new business line capabilities or building a strong base of new customers, bank marketers represent the frontline to the new customer/member base. Delivering a seamless customer experience through their initial communications will be more of a challenge than ever. 

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1. Develop a merger communications strategy that drives all aspects of the program.

2. Build a unique process design to maximize your success.

3. Create multichannel M&A communications to reach customers where they are.

4. Conduct rigorous analysis for data consolidation services.

5. Deliver a consistent customer experience across channels.

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